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Sustainability in Small Businesses

As a local family owned and operated business, we strive to meet our sustainability goals by donating any food waste to local farmers to feed pigs, chickens, etc. In addition to this, we utilize little to no plastics; and source ingredients from local growers/grocers that may have gone to waste if they weren't preserved and canned to maintain freshness. We offer a jar recycling program for our customers to return their glass jars and receive discounts on future purchases. In all aspects of our business, from sourcing ingredients, canning and preserving, to marketing and packaging we are looking for ways to reduce our impact by incorporating sustainability goals into every decision.

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How are we making an impact?

Home canning and food preservation reduces food waste, while maintaining statistically higher nutrient content than fresh food that moves through the supply chain.

Our produce and ingredients are always sustainably sourced, and purchased local if possible.

Farmers Markets are a great way to support your local economy, while doing your part to reduce the global footprint of the supply chain.

Canning and preservation is a great way to reduce and combat food waste. According to the USDA 131 billion pounds of food is wasted annually in the US, and home canning is an effective and earth friendly way to reduce this.

Our Jar Recycling Program

We offer a Jar Recycling Program to cut down on waste by reusing jars. As an incentive, every jar returned to us gets $o.50 off the next purchase.





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