About Us

A note from our founder, recipe curator, and cook:

For many years cooking and developing recipes has transformed from a personal hobby into a passion of mine. Throughout the years; friends and family of mine have encouraged me to start a culinary business; and with their support and a passion fueled motivation I then set out to create D'Marye Artisan Foods. 
I have always challenged myself in developing new recipes by utilizing what is in season and supporting small, local farmers. With a passion for food and a focus on sustainability I am able to  ensure a premium quality product while creating a business that is modeled around an appreciation for the earth, and the local community. 
All of our recipes are hand curated and each product made individually in a small batch kitchen by yours truly.  In doing so we are preserving the integrity of our brand by sourcing the best ingredients in our jams, jellies, sauces and baked goods from our family table to yours.

Donna Marye